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"Kenny Youch brings a domain of expertise to the table that can only be acquired through years of dedication to the craft. He communicates effectively and cuts to the heart of any issue you may be experiencing with vocal production and leaves you with the tools to continue progressing. Whether you're looking for quick adjustments for an upcoming audition or looking to build your voice from the ground up, Kenny is your guy."

-Riley Neldam, Tim on CW's 'I Ship It'

"Kenny knows what's going on with today's auditions and is eager to make sure you have the right materials and techniques to book the role. Within one lesson you'll learn tricks that will make your voice stronger and you'll walk out feeling confident. He encourages you to use your natural style to connect to the music in an authentic, deep way."

-Daisy B.

"When I work with Kenny, I feel like I'm working with someone I trust - someone who really listens to my concerns, goals and the specific needs of my voice. All which make his creative way of working so enjoyable and worthwhile. He's the best!"

-Gabriela O.

“Kenny is an incredible coach who whipped me into shape before a very important audition. He really helped me tap into the placement I needed to sing the part to the best of my ability. Plus, he’s kind and encouraging, which makes working together that much better!"

-Claire C.  

"When I'm in my lessons with Kenny I never feel like I leave not learning something new. His critiques are always so specific and leave me thinking critically about my voice"

-Mandy Y.

"Kenny makes me feel important and brings out my confidence! He is simultaneously kind and constructive! But more than anything, I always feel like I'm improving!"

-Jenna N.

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